Hunan Green Silken Pyramids


A refreshing green tea with a difference, Hunan Green Silken Pyramids contain a loose leaf that originates from China’s Hunan Province, one of the country’s most celebrated tea-growing regions. With twisted spiral whole leaves, this subtly sweet and fragrant tea belongs to a Newby range inspired by its Founder’s collection of vintage tea wares, as the lustrous packaging depicts. Multi-wrapped for freshness, Hunan Green is the perfect gift for those who value the unique side of fine tea.

15 Silken Pyramids, 38g.

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Out of stock

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Weight 37,5 g


Green Tea.

Tasting Notes

A light green cup with the subtle fragrance of fresh tea leaves combines with a sweet and gentle aftertaste.

The Perfect Cup

Place one silken pyramid into freshly boiled water left to cool to 80 C. Brew for 2-3 minutes.

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