PISCES Zodiac, Green Sencha, Loose-Leaf 25g Mini Caddy


Inspired by sparkling constellations, this caddy is filled with a leafy Green Sencha blend to reflect the humble yet strong and unique character of Pisces. Wrap up something your friends and family are guaranteed to love this year. Those born under the Pisces star sign have birthdays that fall between 19th February and 20th March. The perfect gift for christenings, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, this special caddy shows the constellation of the compassionate and creative Fish.

Green Tea

Tasting Notes
A light green cup with vegetal aromas and a delicate flavor with hints of rice.

The perfect Cup
Boil the water and let stand for five minutes until it reaches about 80 to 90 degrees centigrade. Place a teaspoon (2 g) in the water. Infuse for 2-3 minutes. Filter and enjoy.

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Weight 25 g