VIRGO Zodiac, Gunpowder Loose-Leaf 25g Mini Caddy


The perfect gift for dreamy-eyed stargazers, the Zodiac Collection is made up of 12 individual caddies detailed with Swarovski crystals. Filled with individual loose-leaf teas, the Virgo caddy contains a delicately rolled Gunpowder tea to reflect the subtlety, attention-to-detail and perfection loved by Virgo. Finished in midnight blue, this mini 25g caddy is perfect for showing somebody just how well you know them. Those born under the Virgo star sign have birthdays between 23rd August and 22nd September. The ideal gift for birthdays, christenings, name days and weddings, this luxurious caddy depicts the constellation of the unique and compassionate Virgin sign.

Ingredients: Green Tea

Tasting Notes

A distinctive light yellow, this beverage is fragrant and lightly smoky. This robust tasting tea has a smooth finish.

The perfect cup
Boil the water and let stand for five minutes until it reaches about 80 to 90 degrees centigrade. Place a teaspoon (2 g) in the water. Infuse for 2-3 minutes. Filter and enjoy.

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Weight 25 g