Chamomile 25 Tea Bags


Chamomile, known as chamomile tea, is in fact not a tea at all. Made purely from aromatic white and yellow chamomile flowers, this time-honoured beverage is perhaps the world’s most famous tisane. Throughout history, chamomile has been celebrated as a magical elixir of youth and a cure-all remedy by the likes of the ancient Egyptians and physicians in 17th-century England. Today, this caffeine-free tisane is enjoyed for its soothing properties. A light tisane with a honey aroma and subtle floral flavour, it is particularly satisfying before bed. Discover the craft of fine tea with Newby’s chamomile tisane.

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Chamomile Flowers.

Tasting Notes

A bright-yellow cup with a powerful aroma, a floral, grassy taste and mellow finish.

The Perfect Cup

Use freshly boiled water and brew for 3-5 minutes.