Green Teas Crown Assortment


The Green Tea Assortment honours the craft and culture of fine tea by bringing together six fine blends in individually wrapped tea bags to share and enjoy.

Green Sencha, Jasmine Blossom, Earl Green, Green Lemon, Moroccan Mint, Oriental Sencha.

A celebration of craftsmanship and of the decorative arts so central to tea culture, this product contains 36 of the finest tea bags in classic and bespoke flavours.

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Weight 72 g


Please refer to each blend. Information can be found on our Classic Teabags page.

Tasting Notes

Green Sencha: Subtly fragrant green tea with a note of rice and a pleasing freshness.

Jasmine Blossom: A smooth and delicate tea infused with a sweet jasmine aroma.

Earl Green: A variation on a much-loved classic, sweet and refreshing with bergamot hints.

Green Lemon: A delicate green tea with the taste of lemon and a grassy aroma.
Moroccan Mint: Sweet green tea with the refreshing addition of cooling peppermint leaf.

Oriental Sencha: A floral green Sencha tea, sweet and lasting with a fruity aroma.

The Perfect Cup

Use freshly boiled water cooled to 80C and brew for 1-2 minutes.